Aug. 30, 2019

Labor Day

PLEASE NOTE ~ Heywood Community Management offices will be closed in observance of the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 2nd. Should an HOA emergency arise, you can call our office and you will be directed to our after-hours service.  Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Heywood Community Management

Aug. 2, 2019


You won’t want to miss the important communications coming soon from your association and Heywood Community Management.  To ensure you receive all communications about recent legislative changes that impact you, we are requesting that ALL OWNERS update their contact information in 2019.    Please complete this form ASAP so you don’t miss out on critical information. If your property is owner occupied, please fill out this form:   If your property is a rental, please fill out this form instead:    

July 2, 2019

Happy 4th of July ~ Office Closed July 4th & 5th ~ Firework Safety Tips (Click here)

Heywood Community Management wishes you a safe and Happy 4th of July. Our offices will be closed Thursday & Friday (July 4th and 5th).  Our after hours service will be available in case of an HOA emergency issue.  Please read these safety tips below in regard to Fireworks. Fireworks-related injuries are most common on and around holidays associated with fireworks celebrations. This 4th of July, celebrate while following these tips to ensure your safety with regard to fireworks: The best way to enjoy fireworks is to visit public fireworks displays put on by professionals. If you plan to use fireworks, make sure they are legal in your area. Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass. Always have a bucket of water and/or a fire extinguisher nearby. Know how to operate the fire extinguisher properly. Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks. Stand several feet away from lit fireworks. If a device does not go off, do not stand over it to investigate it. Put it out with water and dispose of it. Always read the directions and warning labels on fireworks. If it is not marked with the contents, directions, and a warning label, do not light it. Supervise children around fireworks at all times. Please enjoy your holiday and be safe! #homeownersassociation #hoa #safetytips